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Can Yoga Really Boost Your Immune System?

Yoga and the Immune System

Whether it’s to do with the coronavirus or at any other time in life, having a strong immune system is not only about health but also about getting the most out of life. Health is wealth as they say, and the idea of boosting your immune system is naturally appealing - but are there really things you can do to support or even boost it? (Read time approx. 3 min. 50 sec.)

Practicing Yoga During Flu Season.

agoy Howard's Blog Flu Season

As a yoga teacher, I’m acutely aware when it’s flu season. Not only because of the spike in emails and texts I receive from bed-ridden yoga teachers looking for last-minute cover, but also because of the chorus of coughs and sniffles I start hearing in class. (Read time approx. 2 min. 30 sec.)