Better Grip Means Deeper Connection

The new Gecko Touch is a patented next generation yoga towel that doesn’t require water or chalk to activate its grip. The unique combination of tactile silicone grip and super absorbent towel provides you with a consistent level of grip throughout your practice, wet or dry!

Protect + Purify

If you’re tired of using unhygienic studio mats, the Gecko Touch gives you your own clean surface on top of any yoga mat. Once you've finished your practice it’s easy to wash and dries in no time, ready to use again.

Double The Grip, Double The Connection

The Gecko Touch is the only yoga towel with tactile silicone grip on both sides. Each side of our towel has a different size circular pattern, giving you the ability to choose the level of grip depending on the conditions of your practice. 

Eco Touch

To reduce the Gecko Touch’s environmental footprint, we use a cold manufacturing process that reduces energy consumption. It is entirely vegan friendly and is made using 30% recycled material. Its tactile grip is made from 100% food-grade silicone and the whole towel is AZO, phthalate, BPA and heavy metal free. We also use non-toxic Oeko-Tex® dyes.

What People Are Saying About The Gecko Touch....

I love the Gecko Towel because I am always prepared for class. The towel is easy to toss in my bag so that I can go to class whenever I want and have something between me and the studio mat. It is also the grippiest towel I have ever used. It gives me added stability and I have more confidence to go further into my poses.

I have often used public mats without thinking about cleanliness. But after a few battles with getting infections, I have learned better. This towel packs up easier than my mat and provides a sanitary barrier between a public mat and my skin. It makes me comfortable enough to leave my own mat at home. 

After having used my agoy towel for a few weeks now, I have come to this conclusion: I can’t yoga without it! The non stick surface is quite handy for those positions that I often find myself sliding in. The towel has become an essential accessory to my practice and I can’t imagine practicing yoga without it now.